Goddess of Lust and Revenge


Race: High Elf
Class: Ranger/Fighter


Calistria was a flirty elf known for her sordid affairs and pettiness before ascending to godhood after The Rapture. Even after ascension, though, she is still known for much of the same – sexuality, vengeance, and trickery.

In the centuries since The Rapture she gained a reputation for constantly meddling in the affairs of the older gods, so much so that Erastil, who was originally the patriarch of the pantheon Calistria joined, ceded most of his duties to her “since she would do them anyway.” This led to a wave of new gods joining her pantheon – mortals who intrigued her for one reason or another and that she “wanted to keep around”. This includes the recently ascedened gods Cayden Cailean, Saxxon Violins, and Darkness Dad, among others. As such, her pantheon has started to be affectionately called the Misfit Pantheon or Rag-tag Pantheon, since the majority of the gods in it simply did not fit into other pantheons (or they did not want them).

While she was mortal, Calistria founded the Arcane Archer class, and many of her clerics have been trained in this art.


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