Vali the Chaos-Renderer

One True Bard


Race: Half-Orc
Class: Bard


Known for:
Vali is known for two things: her music and her bloodthirsty crusade against the Desert Elf Tribes, which claimed the lives of thousands of Elves and in many cases wiped out entire Clans.

There are two stories of Vali’s origins: the one she tells and the one the other bards of the time tell.

The way she tells it, she was approached by a demon at a crossroads who wanted to make a deal for her soul. When it noticed her fiddle, it challenged her to a musical duel in exchange for its legendary instrument. She won the duel, naturally, and took the demonic fiddle to wreak havoc on the Desert Elf Tribes.

The way the bards of the time tell it, Vali sought out a demon (or the ancient bard Thunder-Caller, depending on the bard telling the story) and made a deal: her soul for an instrument unlike any other. Thus, soulless and cold, she set out on her bloody crusade.

Though she was born a Swamp half-orc, she is known throughout the Cold Iron Empire for her bloodthirstiness and obsession with power. Despite (or because of) her sordid history, her music is played in most major half-Orc cities (Empire and Swamp alike) and any half-Orc bard worth his salt knows a few of Vali’s ballads:

- About her “origins”

- About the battle at Resiste et Mords Pass, which pays homage to the musical style of Thunder-Caller
- Her most famous of all, Bard’s Bloodbath

The latter is actually a remix of a melody by Thunder-Caller, whereby Vali added her fiddle’s part to the already-present guitar part. Vali proudly wrote the song to depict what would happen if she and Thunder-Caller played head to head – naturally, Vali believes she would win. A dramatization of the event, put on by a group of bards from Tombstone in the Southwestern Desert can be seen here

There are records of Vali’s confrontation with Calistria, but it is unclear what transpired exactly. It is believed that Calistria had some sort of dispute with her, and as a result Vali was sealed away somewhere in Limbo and her “demonic” instrument was lost to time.

Vali the Chaos-Renderer

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