Drug Use


Drug use is a fairly common pastime in Kirrion, but the legality of drugs depends on whether they are regarded as “hard” or “soft” and what part of the world you are in. Always buy from a licensed Druid or Cleric, and check if the region you are traveling to bans certain substances!

Negative/Positive Effects Mechanics

The description of each drug has the general idea of what your character may experience when taking a drug, but only the DM has the exact statistics and percent chance for each effect. For example, a drug’s positive effect could be to give you the effects of a long rest in 1 hour, but the negative effect could be to lose all proficiency bonuses for 24 hours – and the percent chance for each could be only 25%.

The chance of a negative effect increases by 5% if a second dose is taken with less than a week between it and the first dose.

Addiction Mechanics

The description of each drug includes a general idea of how addictive a drug is, but only the DM knows the exact percent. For example, it could be as high as 99% or as low as 1%.

Addiction chance doubles (up to 99%) if a second dose is taken with less than a week between it and the first dose.

Backgrounds and Drugs

If you choose a background for your character that deals with the black market such as Smuggler, Thief, Urchin, or another similar background, the DM may give you more insight into the specific percent chances of effects and addiction. Further, if you choose a background as a healer you may also have more insight into the specific effects of drugs.

Types of Drugs


Administration: Oral
Similar to: Alcohol
Duration: During consumption and 1 hour after
Positive physical/mental effects: Relaxed inhibitions, relaxation, friendliness
Negative physical/mental effects: Nausea, anxiousness, drowsiness
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: n/a
Addiction chance: Low

Alcohol can be found in almost every tavern in Kirrion, and there are generally no restrictions on who can sell it. Unless the alcohol is particularly strong, you will not need to make any rolls for a positive/negative effect or any kind of save. If it is strong, you will need to make a Constitution save or risk falling unconscious. The only illegal alcohol is Tombstone Whiskey, which has a hallucinogenic effect.

Black Out

Administration: Oral
Similar to: Rohypnol
Duration: 1 hour
Positive physical/mental effects: Sedation, muscle relaxation, reduction in anxiety, induces sleep
Negative physical/mental effects: Amnesia
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Medium/Medium
Addiction chance: Very Low

Black Out is generally used by people that need to get a lot of restful sleep in a short amount of time, such as the students of Ocean’s Pointe or the hardworking weapons forgers of The Unbroken 100. Of course, it has also been abused by more unsavory types to knock out potential victims.


Administration: Oral
Similar to: Valium and Oxycodone
Duration: 1 minute
Positive physical/mental effects: Sedation, reduction of anxiety, light painkiller, numbing of senses
Negative physical/mental effects: Prolonged lethargy, lack of coordination, impaired processing and concentration
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Medium/High
Addiction chance: Low

Chill was developed at first by the Swamp Elf Tribes, who were looking for a way to mimic the abilities of half-Orc Barbarians they had faced in battle without having to sacrifice concentration to maintain a Rage. Its use on a mass scale proved far too dangerous to be practical (those that used the drug regularly had a tendency to attack their squad mates in their frenzy), so it devolved to purely recreational use as a painkiller and sedative.

Fae Mushrooms

Administration: Oral
Similar to: Acid (LSD)
Duration: 10 minutes
Positive physical/mental effects: Rapid emotion cycling, delusions, visual hallucinations, synesthesia, inability to discern fantasy from reality
Negative physical/mental effects: Nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, tremors, impaired depth and time perception, panic, and paranoia
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Very High/Very High
Addiction chance: Very Low

Fae Mushrooms are grown exclusively in the Fae Wilds, and as such Gnomes are generally the only sellers of this drug. They are also fairly immune to the effects – whether this is because of their innate connection to Limbo or because they have usually consumed a lot of the drug over their lives is anyone’s guess. Eccentric artists are the common users of this hallucinogenic drug, though it has grown increasingly popular in clubs throughout The Hell’s Scales Alliance.


Administration: Injection
Similar to: Ketamine and Heroin
Duration: 1 hour
Positive physical/mental effects: Rush of euphoria then a feeling of heaviness in the extremities, alternately wakeful and drowsy state, intense painkiller, dissociative state, lethargy
Negative physical/mental effects: Clouded mental functioning, shallow breathing, convulsions, out-of-body experience, amnesia
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: High/Very High
Addiction chance: High

Haze is firmly classified by most Druids and Clerics as a “hard” drug, and is not sold by licensed Druids in any city. It was very popular in the Coalition 70 or so years ago, but after the deaths of a number of famous Bards connected to the drug, its popularity dwindled. Now a days, it is rather hard to find outside of major cities such as the Port of Ra in the Swamplands.


Administration: Oral
Similar to: GHB
Duration: 30 minutes
Positive physical/mental effects: Euphoria, tranquility, increased sex drive
Negative physical/mental effects: Loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, headaches, exhaustion, amnesia, confusion
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: High/Medium
Addiction chance: Low

Heat is used almost exclusively in brothels and clubs throughout all of Kirrion. It has a higher chance of a negative effect than a positive effect, but its users find it is well worth the risk – it’s truly hard to describe the intensity of its positive effects.


Administration: Inhalation or Oral
Similar to: Speed (Meth) and Angel Dust (PCP)
Duration: 5 minutes
Positive physical/mental effects: Detached and distant feeling, numbness of extremities, feeling of invincibility and strength, auditory hallucinations
Negative physical/mental effects: Slurred speech, loss of coordination, rapid and involuntary eye movements, feelings of impending doom, amnesia, dizziness
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Very High/Very High
Addiction chance: Very High

Inferno is classified as a “hard” drug by all Druids, and they will actively discourage you from taking it due to the high number of reported deaths associated with the drug in the last decade. The drug itself is relatively new as well – the first reported death was only 12 years or so ago, though Inferno’s chemical makeup has undergone rapid changes in even that short amount of time. It is unknown who is producing the very popular and dangerous drug, but it is rumored The Legitimate Business Enterprises is offering a hefty reward for any information about them.


Administration: Inhalation or Oral
Similar to: Cocaine
Duration: 1 hour
Positive physical/mental effects: Euphoria, increased energy, reduced fatigue, sensitivity to stimulation, loss of appetite and need for sleep, talkativeness
Negative physical/mental effects: Restlessness, anxiety, paranoia, irritability, psychosis, nosebleeds, malnutrition
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Very High/Very High
Addiction chance: Very High

Luxe is classified by most Druids and Clerics as a “hard” drug, due both to its highly addictive nature and how easy it is to overdose. Despite the incredibly inflated price, it is very popular among poor musicians and warriors who are in need of the boundless energy and suppression of the need to sleep and eat that the drug provides. The rehabilitation center in Dhakira is often filled to the brim with recovering Luxe users.


Administration: Smoking
Similar to: Cannabis
Duration: 1 hour
Positive physical/mental effects: Altered state of consciousness (“high”), relaxation, sociability, lack of inhibition, distorted perceptions of time and space, sensitivity to things around them
Negative physical/mental effects: Impaired coordination and concentration, anxiety, panic, paranoia
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Very Low/Very High
Addiction chance: Very Low

Reverie is popular throughout the continent, as it is the cheapest drug besides alcohol and has a very low addiction chance. Coupled with the very low chance of a bad effect and an almost guaranteed good effect, Reverie has become so commonplace it’s rare to find a city that bans it. It has a minty aroma and makes one more adept at social interactions, which makes it a staple at parties and clubs the world over. Always buy from a trusted Druid if you don’t want to buy something cut with oregano!


Administration: Oral
Similar to: Ecstasy (MDMA)
Duration: 15 minutes
Positive physical/mental effects: Increased energy, distortion of time and perception, enhanced enjoyment from tactile experiences, self-confidence, empathy, peacefulness
Negative physical/mental effects: Severe fluctuation of body temperature, muscle tension, nausea, fainting, chills, sweating, blurred vision, confusion, depression, sleep problems, anxiety
Chance of negative effect/positive effect: Medium/Medium
Addiction chance: Very Low

The more fast-paced clubs and music halls of Kirrion are partial to Spark, which was first developed by Halfling Monks and Clerics from the Dayfields in order to promote empathy among feuding groups. They would negotiate for the leaders of the two groups to sit with them and take a (much weaker) dose of their empathy drug, allowing them to better experience the thoughts and feelings of the other side. When the underground Elven slave trade began kidnapping Halflings, they also stole the recipe for their empathy drug and refined its intensity to create Spark. Now a days, Spark can be found in most Elven cities.

Drug Use

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