Though the Veil exists to separate the Mortal World from the Spirit World, a handful of clever mages as well as natural phenomena in the world have been able to separate the Veil itself.

Riding this thin line between the two Worlds, one exists not quite in either. For the most part, one’s spirit self is most suited to this environment and takes over, but it is possible to assume one’s mortal form as well. The bounds of existence in Limbo is still being studied.

One can find oneself in Limbo pretty easily while traveling through Ghostwhisper Wood or the Cold Iron Desert.

Limbo has a lot of… strange occurrences, and only a few are even slightly understood. One of these is “Pocket Dimensions”, which are somewhat understood but still the subject of intense research at Ocean’s Pointe. Another is The Waiting Room, a place one goes to when knocked unconscious in combat. This part of Limbo is also being studied, though by the braver (or more reckless?) students of Ocean’s Pointe.


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