Southwestern Desert

Varied – anyone looking for a safe haven

Varied – those escaping here bring their religion with them

To those within your town

Known for:
Lawless frontier justice

“Lawless frontier justice” does not even begin to describe the Southwestern Desert. The Cold Iron Empire has all but given up on this stretch of land, and as a result it draws shady ilk from all sorts of black market and underhanded factions. Been kicked out of your thieves or assassin’s guild? Chased out of every city for selling questionable drugs or potions? Want to start a gambling ring where prostitutes fight their dogs? Come to the Southwestern Desert.

The most famous town in this area is Tombstone, a surprisingly well-organized area with a sheriff known for his bravado and showmanship. A savant of thunder magic by the name of “One-Shot” Sawyer, the sheriff keeps things running smoothly for the outlaws in his town – everyone in Tombstone has a bounty on their head for one reason or another. Sawyer is known for the odd somatic components he uses to cast his spells: index finger pointed forward and thumb straight up in a sideways “L” shape.

Many famous bards make their home in Tombstone, giving outsiders a taste of what life in their city of outlaws is like. In particular, Vali the Chaos-Renderer, Saxxon Violins, Ari4na, and Zeke Parcell have all lived in Tombstone at one time or another, inspiring dozens of future bards to practice their craft there.

Badge of the “lawmen” in Tombstone: tombstone_bade.png

Southwestern Desert

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